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World on the Move Migration Scrapbook Entry Form

Migration is a human experience that connects us all. The AAA’s latest public education initiative, World on the Move, aims to educate audiences across the globe on the different forms of migration and how it has shaped human history. We need your help to bring this exhibit to life. Using the form below, please share photos, recipes, jokes, song lyrics, or anything else that reflects your migration story.  

A slideshow of the Scrapbook will be unveiled at the Fall Series, Raising Our Voices. Entries submitted here will also accompany our traveling exhibit. The intended audience for the exhibit is for children 11 and up, so please be sure your content is appropriate. For more information on World on the Move please visit

Not sure what to submit? Here are some prompts to help spark ideas: 

Think of a time when you, your family, or long-ago ancestors moved to a new location. What did you bring with you that reminded you of the place that you left? What clothing, objects, recipes, stories, jokes, or songs does your family associate with the place you came from? 

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