2019 Palestine Israel Fellowship Fund for Travel

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the American Anthropological Association’s Palestine Israel Fellowship Fund for Travel. Before applying, please download and review this document to make certain that you are eligible.

The second portion of your application is a required recommendation which must be done by a scholar familiar with your work and research aspirations. Please notify the individual prior to submitting the application (and be sure to give them adequate time to provide the recommendation before the deadline).

To be considered for review, both your application and the letter of recommendation must be completed before the April 15, 2019 deadline. Once your application is finalized and submitted, the recommender will be prompted to submit their letter. We strongly urge you to request your recommender prepare the letter in advance so it is ready to submit once you complete your online application. We also suggest you avoid submitting close to the deadline to ensure your recommender has time to submit the letter.

Thank you for your interest and best of luck!

Palestine Israel Fellowship Fund Review Committee

Contact Information

Applicant Information

Applicant Statement

In 500-1000 words, describe the purpose of your proposed travel. Please include in your description the value of the trip to scholarly exchange on topics of anthropological interest in Israel-Palestine, and the benefit of the travel to your research, teaching or mentoring work in the field.

Brief Curriculum Vitae

In approximately 500 words provide details on your education, research, publications, teaching and presentations. Include details on prior employment, volunteer work, and other experience only if it is directly relevant to scholarly exchange on topics of anthropological interest in Israel-Palestine.

AAA Membership Status

AAA Members, please note your member number in the box below.

Nonmembers applying for a one-year free membership through the fund as part of their application must include statement of need in the box below.

Additional Required Information Information From Israeli Scholars And Students

Israeli scholars/students must make the case for why they fit the category of “dissenting Israeli scholar:”

All others, please enter “N/A”

Additional Required Information From Visiting Scholars/Students To The Region

Please provide evidence of and describe the specific conditions that have constituted obstruction and obstacle to your serving as teacher, mentor or research collaborator in the region. In addition, identify a local collaborator who will serve as your host.

All others, please enter “N/A.”


Letter of Support: Do not submit this application until you have checked with the person who will be giving your required student recommendation first.

All applicants must obtain a letter of recommendation from a scholar familiar with their work and research aspirations.

Please provide the first name, last name and email address of the individual giving your required recommendation. An email will be sent to this individual upon completion of the application.