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Letter of Nomination or Support

Please let us know if you are writing a letter of Support for an individual or a letter of Nomination.
* Nominations can be made before the nominee is alerted.
* Support letters are solicited by the nominees. At least one of these is necessary for the nomination process.
* Nomination and Support letters may be written by non AAA members.
Providing the organization you are affiliated with and position helps to provide context for the nomination/letter of support.
The nominee will receive a confirmation email letting them know that you have submitted a letter of support. The nominee will not receive a copy of the letter of support.
Select the committee that the individual will be running to serve on.

Once the committee has been selected, you will need to select the appropriate position.

The Committees are:
  • * Executive Board
  • * Nominations Committee
  • * Members’ Programmatic, Advisory, and Advocacy Committee (MPACC)

Letter of Support/Nomination Letter

Please provide information on the Nominee's qualifications as it relates to the position. You may wish to include information about any experience related to the Position, organization skills, communication style, etc.