2021 Advertising Insertion Order

Advertising with the AAA

Thank you for your interest in advertising with the American Anthropological Association. We will try to keep the form up to date with the options still available but requesting to reserve ad space does not guarantee the space. You will receive a confirmation email in 1-3 business days. For a full list of AAA’s policy about advertising, please see the media kit. To request the reservation of advertising space, please fill out the form below. To choose one of the packages, please select it from the drop-down menu; otherwise, select “no” to see all available in-house advertising options.

Artwork Due Dates

All print artwork (Anthropology News) is due 2 months prior to the issues release date. All digital artwork (websites, newsletters) is due on the 15th of the prior month.

Sexual Harassment Policy

As part of the AAA’s new Comprehensive Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault, we now require experiences advertised on our website or through AAA-supported advertising, draft and make available on demand a code of conduct prohibiting sexual assault and sexual harassment. Appropriate reporting mechanisms for those who do experience or witness sexual harassment or sexual assault will also be required.

If you are advertising a product and NOT an experience, please place any URL in the form.
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