2020-21 AnthroGuide Listing Request


Save up 30% when you list in the AnthroGuide and partner through the Department Service Program (DSP).

Please choose an option from the drop down. **A Free listing only includes the organization name and address online. Free listings are not printed in the AnthroGuide and will not receive AnthroGuide Benefits.
This is only if you need additional faculty/staff added above the amount that included in the choose level listing. For example, if you have 36 contacts you can choose Level IV that includes 35 faculty/staff and add 1 additional faculty/staff for $35 (the price indicated on the chart).
A featured listing gets their logo and link to their profile on homepage of the AnthroGuide in the rotating carousel.
Only if you need the PO# to appear on the invoice. It can be added later to the invoice.
Completion of this form authorizes AAA to print and make available online or in other media formats the information contained in your AnthroGuide Listing. Your listing may be edited for database standardization. Final edits for the print version are due 7/31/2020.
As part of the AAA’s new Comprehensive Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault, we now require AnthroGuide listers advertised on our website or through AAA-supported advertising, draft and make available on demand a code of conduct prohibiting sexual assault and sexual harassment. Appropriate reporting mechanisms for those who do experience or witness sexual harassment or sexual assault will also be required.
Please type your first and last name