2020 Anthropology Day Registration

Thank you for joining our celebration of all things anthropology! Anthropology Day is always the third Thursday in February, so the 2020 celebration will officially be held on February 20.

Before you complete the form, please check this list to make sure your group is not already registered. If your group is on the list, but you aren’t aware of what they have planned, please email emyers@americananthro.org to be put in contact with the organizers who have already registered. We will only be able to send one swag package per location. Deadline for guaranteed swag package February 16, 2020.

After completing the form, visit the AAA website to find resources and information about the event.

The email you would like your Anthro Day updates sent to
If you are registering as an anthropology club or campus organization, etc. please include the name of the school (i.e. please do not just write "Anthropology Club" write "Anthropology Club, XYZ College")
A complete mailing address is required in order for you to receive your Anthro Day swag package
We will use this number to determine our swag order and do our best to send items based on the headcount you provide. However, our funds are limited, so please be as accurate as possible with the number you report.
We encourage Anthro Day participants to find ways to celebrate in a way that shares anthropology with the community outside of their own department or club.